Dynamic Content distribution and Monetization

If you are a content owner, does any one or all of these sound familiar?

  1. No control over the content’s distributor’s target platforms, publisher portals. Once licensed content owner has no control over monetization
  2. Content Owner has no visibility on content-consumption patterns. No realistic way to audit content distributor’s data
  3. Content is stored on distributor’s infrastructure and hence no way to identify source of leaks
  4. Content owner has to agree on static revenue terms with content distributor

This led us to wonder what if Content is delivered as a service (CaaS) and on demand to the distributor on a revenue maximization license terms. This is how the traditional content licensing model works:


and this is how the patent pending AdSparx CaaS platform works:


Setting it up

For the content as service system to work, the content owner needs to simply follow these steps:

  • Sign up for the service and Upload content
  • Define Publishers/distributors and expected License terms
  • Deliver URL generated from AdSparx CaaS platform to Publisher

On the other hand, the distributor needs to do the following:

  • Use AdSparx CAAS URL for distribution
  • Define Origin Point and distribution point for HLS streams
  • Use AdSparx CAAS SDK for VAST compliance for Ad Monetization

Under the hood


Simply speaking, users request AdSparx CAAS Platform with CaaS URL. Based on the distributor who “owns” the user, AdSparx CAAS Platform

  1. generates CaaS URL on-the-fly, based on license & revenue maximization terms
  2. Pushes the content on corresponding origin and provides egress URL for user to request content

Advantages of using AdSparx CAAS platform:

  1. On-the-fly content provisioning based on License & Revenue Maximization terms!
  2. Transcoded, Encrypted, DRM wrapped and delivered in adaptive multi-bitrate protocols
  3. Content resides temporarily on distributor’s storage 
  4. Enable geo-blocking, prevent unauthorized distribution or copying of content
  5. Revenue Model decided by content owner with the goal to maximize revenue
  6. Comprehensive User Interface, including license control, Monetization & Analytics
  7. On-demand reports, trends and charts providing in-depth consumption info

For more info, talk to us  at sales@adsparx.co

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