Server side Ad Insertion and Ad Blockers

As much as 200 million users and $22 billion revenue is lost due to ad blockers[1].

The obvious answer to this problem is “Server side ad insertion” which is becoming a de facto standard for in-stream video ads. Every video streaming protocol has a well-defined way of inserting ads from the server end, and it works across all popular internet-connected devices. But, there’s a catch. These are ad asset insertion methods but advertisers still want ad tracking from user’s end device on which the ad is actually shown. So, even if publishers are able to bypass the ad-blockers for showing ‘stitched’ ads, they cannot track the ad-insertions because the ad-blockers block the tracking calls and hence loose out on ad-revenue.

One approach to resolving this is defined by IAB as part of VAST 4.0, but the standard is still in infancy and not many advertisers have started supporting it yet.

However, AdSparx has devised an ingenious way of circumventing the above challenge posed by the ad-blockers by intelligently combining “server-side ad insertion” with the “client side SDK”. This also retains the advantages of both server and client side approaches and disadvantages of neither. The combination has served our customers well and helped them achieve expected revenues. Of course, AdSparx makes sure that the experience of ad insertion for the user is smooth and non-intrusive.

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